Congratulations Lucy!

Added on September 1, 2020

Central Bark Westside is proud to present Lucy as our September 2020 Dog of the Month! Lucy started daycare with us back in 2016 and we have enjoyed watching her grow ever since. She now comes every Thursday to play with her friends and she certainly brightens up our day! Lucy is a VERY lovable and affectionate pup who you just can’t resist being around. She gives the best hugs and will always beg for your attention in the most polite way. Some of Lucy’s BFF’s here at daycare include Everton, Ava, Finn and Coby. When she’s not cuddled up on the handlers lap, Lucy is found relaxing with them on the play equipment or playgroup ledge. So, for all of these reasons, and many many more, we are proud to call Lucy our September 2020 Dog of the Month! Congratulations Lucy! Enjoy your month!