Congrats Ava! March 2019 Dog of the Month!

Added on March 1, 2019

Central Bark Westside proudly presents Ava as our March 2019, Dog of the Month!  Ava always walks in proud and excited to start her day off at daycare.  Although Ava isn’t always super playful with her friends while at daycare, she still has a fun time being around all of them and loves to give them kisses! Her favorite things to do at daycare are play fetch with her friends, sitting pretty for treats and loves cuddle time with the handlers along with neck scratches (which make her SUPER happy)! Ava is always up for making new friends but some of her besties are Percy, Truman, Jax and Max! Ava’s sweetness towards her human friends and doggie friends steals our hearts, so, for all these reasons and many more we are proud to call her our March, 2019 Dog of the Month! Congratulations Ava!

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